When the pandemic hit, many people began to work with their therapists online. But there were many others who were wanted to seek help but were hesitant to try therapy online. After several years of operating in a more virtual environment studies, have found that from young adult to the elderly, there is a benefit to receiving online mental health care.


Is Online Therapy Effective?

The American Psychological Association reported that 96% of psychologists who responded to its 2021 COVID-19 Telehealth Practitioner Survey agreed that teletherapy was an effective treatment, and 93% intended to continue to offer teletherapy post-pandemic.

There have been studies conducted with specific therapy modalities to explore their effectiveness being delivered online. review of 17 studies found that online CBT for depression may be more effective than face-to-face counselling and participants were equally satisfied with either type of CBT.


How is Therapy Conducted Online?

Thanks to platforms like Jane.App and Zoom, a therapist and her client can conduct face-to-face sessions. With the ability to place your device at an appropriate distance from you, your therapist can observer your body language, facial expressions and clearly hear the tone of your voice. This helps therapists to be able to apply interventions and strategies that they would use in person in an online environment.


Does insurance cover online therapy?

Insurance may cover online therapy, but it depends on the details of your insurance plan and the provider you choose, just as it would for in person therapy. Find out the details of your providers license and registration, for example if they are a psychologist or a social worker, and check with your insurance carrier about the covered benefits of your plan.


Does Nova Scotia MSI cover private practice online therapy?

No, private practice therapy is not covered under your MSI. However, if you don’t have extended health benefits or wish to seek therapy through the Health Authority there are several options available to you.


The NS government has recently announced free access to an online coaching app https://www.tranquility.app/novascotia which is a program the program is available to all Nova Scotians 16 and older with mild to moderate anxiety or depression. People do not need to be referred by a physician and can self refer to the program. Participants can book one 30-minute phone or webcam appointment with a coach each week for the duration of the program.

There are also other options such as Mindwell U, ICAN and Therapy Assistance Online


If you are interested in exploring online therapy as an option, please reach out to us.  We are happy to further discuss with you how to have a positive online therapy experience and to discuss whether online therapy is right for you.