Family Therapy

Build stronger, closer, healthier relationships 

Your family didn’t always feel chaotic and dysfunctional.

Not that long ago, there were more peaceful and pleasant times in your home.Memories that made you smile.Holidays to look forward to.The sweetness of being together as a family.

Now it seems you are locked in never ending debates, yelling matches and playing referee. You’re struggling to cope emotionally and you know other people in your family are too.

You anticipated that marriage and family life would bring some heartache, but you honestly expected that you’d figure it out.


Yet here you are, worn thin. Exhausted and out of hope that you’ll ever find your way through this emotional minefield.

 Family life isn’t always easy…we’re here to help.


Families dynamics can be very complicated because everyone is unique and sees things differently, yet together they need to get through all kinds of challenges like births, serious or chronic illness, unemployment, moves, aging parents, divorce, death and trauma.


We believe that your greatest strength and your most helpful tool in getting through life’s most difficult moments lies in the power of your family relationships.  We believe that you, as a parent, are in the best position to help your family thrive. 


But many people grow up never learning how to navigate big emotions, conflict or major disagreements a healthy and helpful way. They are left trying to make sense of difficult behaviour, emotional meltdowns and conflict without having a map to guide them through the storm.


Family therapy can help members of your family relate to each other in new ways and create a stronger bond and learn to work together to make useful changes in their relationships and their lives.


We believe that helping you become accessible, responsive and emotionally steady as a couple and as parents will offer your family the very best footing to stand on through all of life’s challenges.


Benefits of Family Therapy

Better communication between family members

Handle family matters more effectively as a couple

Build a secure emotional base to help your family thrive

Improve sibling relationships

Repair broken or strained family relationships

Feel more effective as a parent


Therapists at Bedford Couple & Family Therapy provide effective and evidence based help for your family.

Because we believe strongly in the power of secure relationships, we often prioritize working with the adults in the family.

We work with the couple to build a more connected relationship with each other so that they are more able to stand together as parents to address the family challenges.

Or, we may work with the couple on specific parenting strategies to help then strengthen their ability to parent more effectively.

When appropriate, we will bring in other members of the family to address specific blocks in communication, or to work on behavioural or emotional regulation skills.

Our goals is to create new patterns of emotional accessibility and responsiveness, beginning with the adult(s) in the family that offer a secure base for children to develop and families to thrive.

We believe that through secure connection and emotional responsiveness, you as a parent can promote healing and foster resilience to more easily deal with the everyday and unexpected challenges of life.


We have free initial phone consultations with all of our new clients to help match them with the best therapist for their concerns.

At Bedford Couple & Family we have therapists who specialize in working with couples on their relationship, with parents and with parent and child dyads.

After the phone consultation we will schedule you for an initial in person session with your therapist. During this appointment you will discuss in greater detail your challenges and concerns.

With your clinician, you will create a plan to move you from where you are now to a more connected, secure and peaceful family.

Therapists Who Offer Family Therapy

Dr. Laura Love

Dr. Laura Love

Registered Psychologist

Lois Ells MSW, RSW

Lois Ells MSW, RSW

Clinical Social Worker

Dr. Adam Kayfitz

Dr. Adam Kayfitz

Registered Psychologist

How Do I Get Started?

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