Our Therapist Team

We are a group of independently licensed, deeply passionate therapists trained in effective, evidence-based practices. Our aim is to help individuals develop better relationships with themselves and others and empower families, parents and couples to build stronger, healthier bonds.

We believe deeply the importance and power of relationships and connection.

Our highly experienced therapists have specialized training in healing attachment injuries, working with relationship trauma, and building safe connections in families. We treat a wide variety of issues and work with a broad diversity of people.

We invite you to view our website to learn more about us, and the specific therapies we offer. Finding the right therapist can be difficult. We offer free 15-minute phone consultation so you can feel confident your clinician will be the right fit and we can answer any questions you might have.

We look forward to helping you to build or repair your most important relationships.


Lois, Deborah, Laura & Adam

Dr. Adam Kayfitz psychology Bedford teens children

Dr. Adam Kayfitz

Registered Psychologist

Specializes in:


Even though you are “grown up”, you can still feel like you are stuck repeating the same patterns you swore you would never repeat when you were looking forward to becoming an adult.

You want life to be so different from your past that you go too far in the other direction and find yourself having different issues you can’t make sense of. Either way, you can struggle with feeling good about yourself and your relationships with others (e.g., spouses, children, friends, colleagues).

I help adults pay attention to their authentic feelings, to identify the sources of their struggles, and to learn how to “be the real me”.


Being a parent can be hard. It’s even harder when your child is an intense feeler and has big reactions you aren’t sure how to understand or handle. I support parents, by teaching them advanced parenting tools so they can better help their children who struggle with anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, self-harm behaviours, anger, behavioural issues, self-esteem, past traumas, grief, as well as negative life events (e.g., divorce/separation).

Children & Teens

I help deeply-feeling children and teens understand their feelings and learn healthy ways to cope with emotions (e.g., anxiety, sadness, anger) and negative life events (e.g., trauma, grief, parental divorce/separation).
Deborah Hubble Smith, Therapist in Nova Scotia

Deborah Hubble Smith M.C., RCT

Registered Counselling Therapist

Specializes in:

Marriage & Couples

Sharing everyday life with another person is challenging! You feel that no matter how hard you try, you and your partner seem to be moving further apart. You alternate between bickering and frosty silence and have run out of ideas or energy to improve this on your own. I can help you and your spouse reconnect with why you fell in love in the first place, and help you develop ways to cope with life’s challenges together.


Life doesn’t always match up with what you expected or planned. You feel disconnected from your family and friends, even from your own emotions and goals. Life seems like a constant treadmill and you’re stuck feeling anxious and on edge. You’re so tired of pretending that everything is fine and beating yourself up over every mistake. I would love to work with you to help you connect with yourself and decide what steps you can take toward a more satisfying life.

Lois Ells parent teen child counselling Bedford, Therapist in Nova Scotia

Lois Ells MSW, RSW

Clinical Social Worker

Specializes in:

Children & Teens

As humans, we weren’t born knowing how to deal with our big emotions. This is especially true after going through a difficult life event. These emotions are at the root of the wild outbursts, sullen silence, or tearful tantrum you see.

I help deep feeling children and teens learn how to make sense of what is going on in their inner world, to have healthier responses and improved coping skills.


As a parent, it is hard to know how to respond to your loved ones’ challenging or bewildering behaviours. I coach parents to better understand and manage a loved one’s emotional struggles, so that it no longer feels like these difficulties are monopolizing your family. 


I help sensitive adults map out what is underlying their emotional pain, guide them to connect the dots and encourage them to move forward in a way that aligns with what is most important.
Laura Connors Psychologist Bedford, Therapist in Nova Scotia

Dr. Laura Love

Registered Psychologist

On Leave

Specializes in:


Nothing in life will challenge and grow you more than parenting. Whether it’s parenting through the typical up’s and down’s, parenting a child with mental health or emotion regulation difficulties, or improving consistency with a co-parent, whether you’re living together or not, I use research supported, attachment-based interventions to equip and empower parents.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health

I provide treatment for youth with mood and anxiety disorders. However, parenting a child with mental health concerns often requires “advanced parenting” skills that many of us don’t have. While your loved one may be doing some individual work to learn some new skills, when a child has a mental health concern it impacts the entire family. As such, therapy often involves sessions with parents as well.
Laura Ferrier Bedford Counselling Therapy

Nancy Samardzic

Administrative Assistant

About Nancy:

Nancy has worked with Bedford Couple & Family Therapy as the administrative assistant since August 2021. Nancy is passionate about helping people and is happy to assist you with your therapist booking and scheduling needs.