Lois Ells MSW, RSW

I am a Masters trained Clinical Social Worker and therapist with more than 15 years of experience. In addition to my work at Bedford Couple & Family Therapy, I have worked for the past 14 years at a the IWK mental health clinic with children, teens and parents.

My passion is to create a trusted place for clients to share their emotional pain and learn to manage feelings, memories & losses.

I am dedicated to helping clients to feel more comfortable with all their emotions, and respond in ways that match what’s important to them. I hope to help clients discover their strengths and learn to harness them.

Lois Ells, therapist at Bedford Couples and Family Therapy, Nova Scotia

Lois Ells Specializes in:


Helping “super feeling” children & teens learn how to make sense of what is going on in their inner world, to have healthier responses and improved coping skills. I support children and teens cope with big emotions (such as anxiety, grief, sadness), low-self-esteem, and trauma.


Equipping parents with advanced skills to help their child or teen with their intense emotions and difficult behaviours. I will walk with you through the mucky swamp of messy emotions, and out the other side. I provide a safe space to discuss feelings and find solutions to the hardest parts of parenting. I coach parents to build their parenting confidence using evidence based approaches.


Supporting sensitive adults through stressful life transitions such as the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship. I help adults cope with the anxiety and feelings from past negative life events that are still bothering them today. I empower clients to better understand and manage emotions such as grief, anger, anxiety, shame, and guilt. Together we’ll map it out and connect the dots so you can better understand what has been keeping you stuck. We’ll come up with a plan to help you find solutions that line up with your values.


My rates are:$160 for the first session 50 minutes

$160 for follow-up sessions of 50 minutes

Extended session times $200 for 65 minutes, $240 for 80 minutes, $340 for 110 minutes

Sessions may be paid by credit card or email transfer prior to the session.


By appointment only

Mondays 1:00-5:00pm
Wednesdays 5:00-8:30pm


Many insurance companies cover my services, but I recommend you contact them before our first session to confirm your coverage. Feel free to take a look at our FAQ page for suggested questions to ask your insurance provider. A receipt will be provided you can submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement, if applicable. Your therapy sessions with a registered clinical social worker are a tax deductible medical expense, thus hold on to your receipts to claim on your income tax what is not covered by an insurance company.

Qualifications & Affiliations

Master of Social Work University of Toronto 2001- Specialization working with individuals, families, groups

Bachelor of Psychology 1999, Acadia University

Special focus on mental health and child development

Registered Private Practice Social Worker Province of Nova Scotia Licence # 2159

Lois is not a good fit for folks:

  • Needing a diagnosis or formal assessment
  • Needing a report and/or letter for court or other purposes
  • Your main concern is addictions
  • Struggling with Border line personality disorder, Bi-polar or Obsessive compulsive disorder

Lois is a good fit for folks who want:

  • A non-judgemental therapist to better understand the problems and factor impacting you/your loved one, from an emotion focused and trauma informed perspective
  • A therapist who will be like your coach – highlighting your strengths, and help you strive to live a life that lines up even more with your values
  • Virtual secure online sessions from anywhere in Nova Scotia and *in-person sessions in our comfortable Bedford Clinic (*currently limited due to Covid restrictions)

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