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Rediscover Joy in Your Work & the Strength of Community

Being a therapist is incredible.

It is such a privilege to be a part of clients lives as they make major transformations, find healing, grow and discover a new hope for their relationships.

When you decided to set out on this journey, you had high hopes and a desire to serve your community in new ways. The freedom of private practice seemed so appealing. But it didn’t take you long to wonder if you were really cut out for it after all.

It’s not that you aren’t an excellent clinician, but the overwhelming number of tasks you have to juggle in addition to clinical work leaves your mind spinning. Marketing. Blogging. Website design. Insurance billing. Returning calls and emails. Booking clients. The list goes on and on.

You went to school to hone your therapist skills, but learned little or nothing about being a business owner. Unless you join a group practice, you figure you’ll have to find a way to handle all this on your own. While you had wanted independence, control over your own schedule and the flexibility to set up your practice the way you wanted, the overwhelm and loneliness of the journey are beginning to get to you.

Therapists Who Want to Work in Private Practice Face a Dilemma


Become a Solopreneur

You are creative and independent. You’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and love a challenge. Going into solo practice sounded like a dream come true until you realized it also meant:

*Signing a long-term lease
*Furnishing an office
*Becoming a pro at website development
*Learning how to write copy
*Figuring out SEO an how to rank in Google
*Answering phones
*Figuring out what email and phone system to use
*Selecting an Electronic Health Record system


*Feeling alone
*No one to easily consult with
*Feeling like you’re always trying to reinvent the wheel



Join a Group Practice

Group practices offer many advantages like built in systems, office administration, a quality website, referrals, someone who looks after marketing, access to an electronic health record system, email and phone system and a furnished office.


All of these conveniences come at a cost. Many group practice owners charge a 30-40% split from their contractors. Depending on the group, you may be asked to work certain hours or have limited ability to decide which clients to see.  

This can feel demoralizing, particularly for established clinicians or those who thrive when they are able to think outside of the box.


At Bedford Couple & Family Therapy, we’ve put together an innovative solution and offer, what we believe to be, the best of both worlds… A collaborative group practice with built-in services to help you thrive.

We are a collegial team of dedicated therapists seeking to serve the community and support each other along the way. We are a virtual and physical community that aims to help practitioners grow their practices, connect with colleagues, and benefit from shared knowledge so that you can better meet the unique needs of your clients.

We provide the infrastructure you need to grow a thriving practice without needing to report to a boss or pay the expensive costs associated with running a solo practice.

Instead, market yourself to clients on our professional webpage, contribute to our collective blog, utilize our electronic health records system and video call platform, have a professional email address and business phone number.

Meet online using our video platform or in person in our beautiful office space where we have taken precautions to protect you and your clients during the COVID pandemic.

In short, this is the opportunity for you to build a practice that allows you find balance in your life so you have the energy to serve the clients you’re passionate about helping.

Consider the Costs

Estimated Monthly Expenses in Solo Practice

Estimated Fee Split in Group Practice


Electronic Records System
Video Platform
Secure Phone & Email
Virtual Assistant
Website Hosting & Design
Office Supplies & Furnishings
Coaching/Business Support

+ time, energy and overwhelm trying to figure this out on your own

Fee Split

Total amount paid out in fee split for 35% of 20 sessions/wk @ $160

(Suggested Rate for NSCSW)

Why Not Join Our Collaborative Group Practice?

All tiers include:

A website with a personalized page
Social media presence and opportunities
Secure email address
Client referrals
Secure phone line
Electronic Health Records System
Easy billing and invoicing

Administrative support
Appointment reminders for clients
Office supplies & snacks
Peer consultation
Team approach utilizing Slack
Collaborative Marketing
Business building support



$250/month + 10%/ client session

Enjoy all the benefits of being part of a community and a the logistical support of a group practice but have the flexibility to do it all online



Support for up to 5 client hours/wk (online or in office)

1x 6hr block in office

10% surcharge additional online clients



Support for up to 10 client hours/wk (online or in office)

2x6hr blocks in office

10% surcharge additional online clients

Business Cards & Brochures




Support for up to 20 client hours/wk (online or in office)

3x6hr blocks in office

10% surcharge additional online clients

Business Cards & Brochures

1 quarterly advertising campaign on Google

*Vacation Package



We’ve designed a beautiful and unique space, keeping COVID safety in mind. Our client and therapist spaces are separated by a glass panel wall and wired for sound transmission keeping clients and therapists in separate rooms while still being able to be physically present with each other.

Therapist Bedford Collaborative Group Practice office
Therapist Bedford Collaborative Group Practice office
Therapist Bedford Collaborative Group Practice office


Launch Members

Grow Members

Thrive Members


We are a busy practice located in Bedford, NS, and provide trauma-informed, attachment oriented, evidence based counselling services to children, adolescents, women, couples, and families with a variety of relationship and mental health concerns.

We are seeking motivated and dedicated clinicians who are looking to grow clinically, develop as business owners and contribute in a meaningful way to our community.


Masters or Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology or Social Work or other with appropriate registration for private practice and current liability insurance


Minimum 5 years experience post graduation offering services in a direct clinical setting
Proficiency in evidence based models of therapy with trauma informed and attachment oriented perspective
Preferred experience and training working with couples, women’s mental health issues, children, teens and families
Ability to work independently and as a part of a team
Highly motivated, organized, and strong time management skills
Desire to build and grow their own client bases (ie. network with other professionals, give presentations or workshops in area of speciality) as well as thrive as a business owner connected to our collaborative to create synergy as a team.

*only those who meet the above criteria will be contacted

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